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After you log in, you are presented with your personal page - Home. Home provides you with access to all courses and groups for which you are enrolled and to a variety of tools to assist you with your coursework. The selection and display of these tools can be customized by using the Edit Page hyperlink.


example home page

Nuggets: All components, including those on the Home page, are called nuggets. Settings for nuggets can be edited by hovering the mouse over the nugget, which then reveals the editing functions for that nugget. The functions available for a specific nugget will vary.

Nugget Editing Functions:

edit Edit Settings - use this icon to change the settings or to edit the nugget. It is available only on nuggets that have setting or editing functions available.

refresh Refresh - this icon refreshes the content of the nugget.

minimize Minimize - this icon collapses the nugget so that only the label appears with no content.

new window New Window - this pop-up window icon detaches the nugget from the page and opens it in a pop-up window so that the nugget can be available from other WorldClass pages.

To add additional nuggets:

1. select Edit Page,

2. select Add Components,

3. check the box for the nugget to be added,

4. select the Location where the nugget is to be placed and the State,

5. select Add Selected.

6. After the nuggets are loaded select Save.

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Display Filter Setting for Courses Nugget

Select Edit in the Courses nugget edit nugget

The following items can be selected to display on your courses nugget. Courses that are checked will be displayed.

display filter

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Power Strip

On the left side of the page is a row of vertical buttons called a Power Strip. These buttons will be available to you whenever you are in WorldClass.

Button Description
Home - returns you to your Home page
Help - displays online help, guides and resources
image log off icon width=
Log Off - logs you out. It is always a good idea to leave WorldClass by using this button instead of closing the window.
Preferences - opens access to your user settings such as your personal information, theme selector, system settings and PDA agent.
Accessibility - The 508 link allows you to define profiles for accessibility purposes or upload an Accessibility for Learner Information Profile (ACCLIP) file. For example, you could optimize your WorldClass environment for use with a screen reader or define color avoidance preferences.
PDA - The Personal Digital Assistant allows you to activate the PDA display settings so that your WorldClass environment can more easily be used with a PDA or other mobile device. note CPS courses may not be configured to be used with a PDA or other mobile device.

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Nuggets to be displayed:

It is suggested that as a minimum the following nuggets should be displayed on your Home page:

Courses: All courses in which you are enrolled will be listed here. You will not see your courses until they have been made available to you.

Course Mail: Allows you to compose or read course mail messages.

Public Announcements: Any current public Announcements will display.

note Once the course term has ended personal information will no longer be available!

   preferences Preferences: this icon allows you to personalize your information, set system settings, and more.

Personal Information: allows you to specify who can view each piece of personal information you enter.

note Changes to your user profile are not reflected in the Regis University database. To make changes please contact University services: Email: or call 303-458-4126 or 800-568-8932 (toll-free).

Change Password: this is not applicable. You must go to Insite, to change your password.

Theme Selector: allows you to select different themes or even create your own to change how the environment looks to you.

System Settings: User Level and Mail Settings can be configured. Local Drive Settings is not applicable.

caution Using Forward my mail and delete will permanently delete the Discussion Form message, it cannot be recovered. It is suggested that this selection no be used.

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