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Educational objectives are specific, measurable statements aligned with state standards that describe desired student behavior at the end of a lesson or unit of study.  Effective objectives ensure that teachers and students are focused on these outcomes.

A well-written objective must:

  1. be measurable
  2. be written in student behavioral terms (specify what learners will be able to do/ perform)
  3. start with verbs that align with the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  4. use precise language


  1. Students will be able to write an objective for a lesson or unit of study.
  2. Students will be able to compare and contrast the characteristics of at least two different planets in our solar system.


  1. Students will understand how to write an objective. (non-behavioral: vague, not measurable)
  2. Students will know about the solar system. (non-behavioral: vague, not measurable)

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