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Introduction to the Site

The construction of lesson plans can be daunting. This site is an effort to support lesson preparation and encourage current and future teachers in this process.

The site was built with some flexibility. Students new to the lesson plan creation process may wish to just use the simple templates below. Once a better comfort level is reached, Regis teacher candidates may explore specific tabs that are under investigation in their preparatory classes.

Those engaged in methods courses, student teaching or preparation of a work sample, might investigate the various tabs for guidance as they expand their repertoire of lesson plans. The tabs for the site may be used sequentially. This will allow the user to process information and build on information from previous tabs to facilitate the lesson planning process. Specific sections and resources may become part of a lifelong toolkit for those who are already part of the teaching profession.

Lesson Plan
Expert's Guide to Lesson Plan Elements (Word doc.)
Template (Word doc.)
Exemplars (Word doc.): Heida (science), Davis (geography), Wolfe (history)

Unit Plan
Expert's Guide to Unit Plan Elements (Word doc.)
Template (Word doc.)
Exemplar (Word doc.): Unit Plan Davis

Lesson Plan Summary (for Unit Plan)
Template (Word doc.)
Exemplar (Word doc.): Lesson Plan Summary Davis

Table of Specifications
Template (Word doc.)
Exemplar (Word doc.): Table of Specification Davis

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