BA493a: Capstone
Service-Learning for Capstone


Want some creative ideas for a Capstone Project? The following video segments highlight Service-Learning as an option for a Research and Capstone Project. This can be an innovative way to meet the requirements for the course, and make a difference in the world.


Introduction to Projects | Getting Started | Challenges | Community Impact | Lessons Learned


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Next Steps

Connect with your passion.

Take inventory of what gives you juice. If you choose a topic that you care about, you will have more focus to complete the project.

Find an organization that connects with your passion. Choose something from your own life and relationships.

Look to your place of work, your place of worship, your child's school, an organization that you already volunteer or would like to volunteer at. Often the most successful capstone projects are often already connected to your life in some fashion.

Choose something that will allow you to use your business skills.

Donating time to serve soup in a soup kitchen may helpful to those in line, but it is really not advancing your business skills. However, designing a marketing strategy and promotional materials to raise additional capital for the food bank would allow you to grow your business skills and it does a world of good for the food bank.

After you identify the organization, ask questions and listen to their needs.

What are their issues? What does this organization need help with? After listening, ask yourself, “Does this organization need MY skill set?”

Narrow the outcome or product.

Depending upon the needs of the organization, this could be a business plan for a new initiative, an HR manual, a training module for employees or clients, a marketing plan, or a recruitment video for a non-profit. The choices are endless. The Service-Learning Director will brainstorm with you next week.

Take 493A&B sequentially and with the same faculty member throughout the series, if possible.

Capstone should be the culmination of your time at Regis. In order to have the best experience, try to create as much continuity with your project as possible.


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